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Why Credit Card Regulation Is Broken - CBS News
Apr 15, 2009 . So how did credit card regulation become so broken? Here's a brief . State- chartered banks soon became exempt from state limits as well.

  1. Notification

    • Credit card companies sidestep usury laws
      Mar 20, 2002 . Major credit card companies began relocating to states with liberal or no usury laws. New York-based powerhouse Citibank moved its credit .

    Insurance Department Complaint

    • Credit cards trump state usury law
      Mar 11, 2009 . Dear Credit Card Adviser, I live in Arkansas. My credit card company recently raised my rate to 22 percent. I thought that Arkansas's usury law .

    Assigned-Risk Pool

    • Credit Cards: State Regulations
      Need to Know Your State Credit Card Default Regs? Credit card default occurs when you don't or can't pay your credit card minimum payments. Because credit .

    Motor Vehicle Report

    Credit And Banking Laws - Credit Card Laws & Regulations
    Com Credit Card And Banking Tools, News, And Reference - Credit . Credit And Banking Laws And Regulations . Statute Of Limitations For Each State .

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